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My application

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83679206

In-Game Name: Roger

Age: 15

Do you own a microphone? No

What staff position are you applying for? Mod

What is your current rank in our server? Premium

Server Hours: sorry i dont know

Garry's Mod Hours: 4125

Staff recommendations(list names):  no

Approximate time you can allocate to the server per day/week: 3 days i dont reall know but around after 3pm

Do you have any past experiences being staff on a DarkRP server? (Server and Rank) Admin /Bearplay (its not online anymore)

How long have you been a part of this community? a couple weeks

Why should we pick you for the staffing team? What qualities do you have as an applicant? i think i would make a good staff member for the server as it is new i love to help servers and communitys. i also love to help problems with players and the staff team. i find it upon me if there is a proplem ill fix it.

Have you ever been banned on this server? If so, please provide the ban details (who banned you, length, reason, etc.) no

Moderation Questions:

How would you handle one RDM? i would give them a verbal and if they did it again i would warn them

What would you do in the instance of a Mass RDMer? jail them have talk ban them for the time of the ban on how much hes done and the time it has to be.

The server begins to lag and you notice that somebody is prop spamming. What do you do? kick them and delete there props

Players begin to build pointless structures in the streets as a citizen class and refuse to remove their "art." How do you react? to them to become a hobo and move it.

How do you handle a chat/mic spammer? gag/ mute for a little bit and if they continue to do it i will gag them for the rest of his gameplay till he leaves.

A player begins talking offensively to others and it becomes excessive. How should you react? i will jail him mute and gag him and then unmute and gag him and if he does it more i will ban him for the time it has to be
Your Friendly Neighbor Hood Mod
Accepted, by cyber.
From The Biggest Staff Try Hard, Btkelley.
Have A Good Day!

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